Boston Celtics Red Auerbach Photographs

23 Years as Boston Celtics Photographer. Experienced in All Aspects of Photography.

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Red Auerbach

"One of the great privileges of my long association with the Boston Celtics was the opportunity to get to know Red Auerbach.
Red Auerbach is the NBA ."     Steve Lipofsky

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Red Auerbach, Boston Celtics

Red Auerbach, Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Red Auerbach in Boston Garden with Parquet floor

Boston Celtics Red Auerbach 1984 NBA Champion

Red savors Celtics road victory over Philadelphia in the 1982 Eastern Finals to forceseventh game.
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Simply Red

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Historic Photo of Red at Boston Garden - 

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1984 Championship
at Boston Garden

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Book of photos of Boston celtics Red Auerbach

Red AuerBoston Celtics Red Auerbach in 1986 NBA Championship parade

Boston celtics Red Auerbach with Bobblehead dolls

Boston Celtics Red Auerbach with NBA Championship Trophy and Banner

Hard Cover 21 Page Book
created for Boston's North Station concourse dedication to Red
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1986 Championship Parade

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Boston Celtics President Red Auerbach in front of collage created by brother Zang Auerbach

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President of the Boston Celtics
Red Auerbach

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